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ProMED翻訳情報(242回) ~バリで発生した狂犬病による子供の死亡事例~




Date: Sat 15 Feb 2014  Source: Bali Discovery Tours [edited]

日付:2014年2月15日(土)  情報源:Bali Discovery Tours(編集済)

The Bali Post reports the 2nd rabies death in January [2014]. A 7-year-old boy from the Village of Suwug in the Sawan sub-district of Buleleng died at the Buleleng General Hospital on 25 Jan 2014. The boy had suffered a dog bite at his home one month before, on 17 Dec 2013.


In an unusual development, the press reports that the boy’s father who was more severely bitten by the dog sought and received anti-rabies serum, but the boy’s parents did not bother to seek similar treatment for their son.


Local villagers, precluding a chance for health officials to run tests to confirm the dog had died of rabies, disposed of the dog’s carcass. The untreated 7-year-old boy fell sick one month after he was bitten and was hospitalized for suspected rabies for 2 days before his death on 25 Jan [2014]. Typically, once the clinical symptoms of rabies have manifested themselves in a patient no amount of medical attention can prevent the disease from taking its fatal course.


Earlier another Buleleng resident, 46 years old, died on Saturday, 4 Jan 2104 from rabies after being bitten by a local puppy.


Communicated by:  ProMED-mail from HealthMap Alerts

Bali suffered a very serious rabies outbreak in 2011. Although the outbreak died down, the above situation with the 2 new human deaths indicates that the virus continues to circulate in the dog population. That calls for intensification of the vaccination campaign for dogs there. It is baffling to understand why the father of the family received post-exposure treatment, but his son did not, with tragic consequences. Although the dog in question was not tested for rabies, he clinical signs of human rabies are distinctive enough, and familiar to local health professionals, that the diagnosis seems reliable.