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ProMED翻訳情報(243回) ~アメリカで発生した複数の子犬(同腹)の狂犬病感染事例~




Date: Fri 28 Feb 2014  Source: Nevada Appeal [edited]



Authorities have found 9 of the 10 puppies in a litter affected by rabies in Carson City, and at least 25 people faced potential exposure to the disease.

当局はCarson Cityにおいて同腹仔犬の10頭中9頭が狂犬病に感染していることを発見しました、少なくとも25人が狂犬病に感染した恐れがあります。


One of the puppies tested positive for rabies, according to Carson City Health and Human Services. That agency, in cooperation with other agencies, is looking for the 10th puppy and awaits tests being conducted at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The litter originated in the Minden/Gardnerville area, and the dog that tested positive is described as a boxer mix born in November [2013].

Carson City保健福祉局によると、仔犬の1頭は狂犬病陽性と診断された。保健福祉局は他の機関と協力し10頭目の仔犬を探して、疾病管理予防センター(CDC)で行われている検査を待っている。



Dogs in the litter were sold or given away, according to a news release, and because there is a “lack of verified information as to where the origin of the rabies exposure occurred, CCHHS took precautionary measures by alerting the families that owned the littermates of their risk of rabies exposure.” Initially, 2 people were thought to have been exposed to the disease. Taylor Radtke, CCHHS public-information officer, said that number had grown to 25.

ニュース発表によると同腹仔犬は売られたか人に譲られたという理由で、また“狂犬病発生の起源の場所に関して検証された情報の欠如のため、CCHHSは狂犬病曝露の危険性のある同腹仔犬を所有していた家族に警告することによって予防措置を取った。”当初は、2人が病気に曝露したと考えられていた。CCHHS の情報公開担当のTaylor Radtkeは、人数は25人に増えたと語った。


It is the 1st rabies case in the state in decades, according to CCHHS, which has cautioned that rabies is a life-threatening ailment and that people exposed should get post-exposure treatment.




CCHHS staffers urged anyone with information about the 10th puppy to contact the agency at 775-887-2190. The agency says one puppy and an unvaccinated cat were exposed to the litter. Both were tested, and neither has the disease [I suspect that neither survived the testing.- Mod.MHJ].



CCHHS authorities are working with the CDC, Nevada’s Department of Agriculture, Douglas County Animal Services and Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health Office of Epidemiology on the probe.


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[The extent of the diagnosis is not clear. One puppy “tested positive,” but the other

8 from the litter were “affected,” showing clinical signs of rabies?






The pups would be around 15 weeks old at this time and would have been adopted for a month or longer. If there were multiple cases, they would have been exposed when with their mother, about which we are provided with no information. If this is the 1st rabies outbreak in decades, it is important to determine the source, and this is helped by typing the virus. If it is a bat rabies virus, that might not be unexpected, but if it is canine or wildlife (fox, coyote, skunk, raccoon, take your choice), this would reflect a more serious situation in how it reached this litter.



That the pups were “boxer mutts” indicates to me that these were locally bred, probably by accident. – Mod.MHJ

仔犬が“ボクサー雑種”であったことはおそらく偶然に地元で交配されたということを示している。- Mod.MHJ