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ProMED翻訳情報(253回) ~フランスで発生した人の輸入狂犬病による死亡事例~


Date: 4 Apr 2014  Source: BBC [edited]

A man has died from rabies in a Paris regional hospital after visiting Mali.

France has eradicated rabies on its territory, officials say. It is an extremely rare case for France, where the disease was officially eradicated in 2001.

Officials did not explain how the man had caught rabies in Mali. The man’s family and medics who treated him were sent to an anti-rabies centre for possible vaccination.

Africa accounts for nearly half the 55 000 human deaths worldwide from rabies every year, experts say. Bites from infected dogs are most often the source of rabies in humans, as the virus is carried in saliva. Human-to-human infection is extremely rare. Vaccination can save a patient if it is administered before symptoms appear.

There has been no case of rabies being contracted by humans in mainland France since 1923. Rabies has been diagnosed in about 20 patients in France since 1970, all of whom caught it abroad. The last death was in 2003.

[The rabies situation in Mali is not clear. In the past 6 years, the only OIE report is of 7 cattle being affected in Koulikoro in 2008, and 6 of these died. With humans, there were no reports of human cases in 2008 or 2009; in 2010, there were 18 cases, all of whom died; in 2011, 28 human cases, and all died; in 2012, there were 209 cases, and 2 died (since clinical cases of rabies die, these “209” may just represent people bitten and vaccinated); and there were no human cases reported in 2013. Obviously, there is a background canine problem.

Mali is clearly a country to add to one’s list that maybe one should consider getting vaccinated before getting on the plane. – Mod.MHJ