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ProMED翻訳情報(254回) ~フランスで発生した人の輸入狂犬病に関する追加情報(マリの状況)~


Date: 4 Apr 2014  From: Merritt Clifton [edited]

“The rabies situation in Mali is not clear.” I’ll agree with that. Indeed, it is paradoxical, because the occasional reports from Mali that I receive from humane workers make sparse mention of dogs, stray or otherwise. The major concerns they mention have to do with working ponies, donkeys, and horses. The 90 per cent of Malians who are Islamic rarely keep dogs.

Once in a while, someone mentions that dogs are persecuted, if seen, as a perceived threat to village poultry, or that among the 5 per cent of Malians who practice animism, dogs are sometimes sacrificed and then eaten. No one has ever mentioned abundant dogs though.

My guess is that what dogs there are in Mali are kept mainly by the 5 per cent of the population who are Christian, of whom about 2/3rds are Catholic and the rest mostly of evangelical churches.

Merritt Clifton Editor, Animal People    PO Box 960 Clinton, WA 98236

[I remember when I was in Somalia and traveled the length of the country that though very few Somalis kept dogs, they were in fact common, living off what they could find, frequently chased off, but valued as neighborhood “watch dogs”, barking at any stranger appearing. If any of our subscribers have any information concerning a possible reservoir for rabies in Mali, it would be appreciated if they would share it. – Mod.MHJ