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ProMED翻訳情報(264回) ~インド山岳地域における狂犬病の現状~


Date: 15 Apr 2014   From: Omesh Bharti [edited]

One person has died in the Chirgaun area of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh state in India, and another 100 have been bitten by mad dogs, which were bitten by a rabid dog coming from outside the village. All are being given low cost intradermal anti-rabies vaccine.
インドのHimachal Pradesh州Shimla県のChirgaun地域で一人の人が亡くなり、別に100人が凶暴な犬に噛まれた。それらの犬は村外からきた狂犬病罹患犬に噛まれていた。全員低価格の皮内抗狂犬病ワクチン接種を受けている。

Dr. Omesh Bharti Simla. HP. India

[Since 2008, the only OIE report of rabies in Himachal Pradesh was in 2010 and involved 4 dogs. This is a very mountainous Indian state and thus difficult to administer. Getting out to vaccinate the village dogs in Chirgaun would be a challenge, even in good weather. The Simla HP people are to be congratulated on vaccinating all the humans exposed in this incident. And our heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Bharti for his report.
2008年以来、Himachal Pradesh(HP)州においてたった一つの狂犬病のOIE報告が、2010年にあり、4匹のイヌが関与した。これは大変な山岳地域であるインドの州であったため、管理することが難しい。Chirgaunの村にいるイヌに予防接種のため出かけることは、好天のなかでさえ挑戦的である。本事例で曝露したすべての人々が予防接種されることに関して、Simla,HPの人々は祝福されるでしょう。そして、この報告に対し我々はDr. Bhartiに心から感謝する。

I would like to take this opportunity to make a point. The core purpose of ProMED-mail is to increase awareness of unusual events,mainly from infectious diseases and toxic events in humans, animals,and food plants, that may have a terrorist origin. To do this,ProMED-mail reports normal events with some concentration on emerging diseases so that there is a running awareness of the normal. Our members are ProMED’s eyes on the ground. You are the people who will see events before anyone else. For convenience, we moderators use the local press and TV reports, and those by the local and regional health services. But our members are a very important trip-wire for quick reporting. You are there for a purpose, not just to provide funding,for which we are grateful, though frankly it would be nice if more than 3 percent put their hands in their pockets. Our members are our eyes and ears.