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ProMED翻訳情報(267回) ~ベトナムの一地域における狂犬病の現状~


Date: 21 May, 2014 Source: VietnamNet.vn [edited]

Nearly 1900 people in the northern province of Yen Bai have been infected with rabies [more likely 1900 possibly exposed – Mod.MHJ], and 3 have died after being bitten by dogs since the beginning of the year [2014].
Yen Baiの州北部では1900人近くの人々が狂犬病に感染し(むしろ1900人以上が曝露している可能性がある)、2014年に入ってから3名が犬に咬まれた後亡くなっている。

The local authorities noted that the disease has spread in the province and has affected all districts and Yen Bai city. On average, 5-6 new rabies infections [exposures] are being reported every day. Le Thi Hong Van, director of the provincial Preventive Medicine Centre, said that the number of people coming for rabies vaccination had
increased year after year.
現地当局は、狂犬病が州内に拡大し、全ての区域、Yan Bai市にまで影響が及んでいると述べている。平均して新規狂犬病感染5-6症例(曝露)が毎日報告されている。州予防医療センター長のLe Thi Hong Van氏は狂犬病ワクチンを受けにくる人が年々増えていると述べた。

She noted, however, that lack of awareness among some people, including the ethnic groups in remote areas, has had deadly consequences. She cited the example of a 44 year old man who was asked to go to the district medical centre for rabies vaccination after being bitten by an infected dog in March [2014]. He refused to go and instead took some medicine. He died a month later.

To prevent further spread of the disease, the Preventive Medicine Centre has requested its districts to step up preventative measures against rabies, has forbidden people from transporting dogs and cats across districts, and has asked for increased communication about the disease.

Yen Bai is a mountain province characterised by rugged mountainous scenery and green rice paddy fields in the valleys, an ideal place for rabies to flourish, both in the village dogs and in the surrounding wildlife. From the wording of this announcement, the central authorities would like to see a more active rabies vaccination programme in the districts but are not offering support funding. – Mod.MHJ
Yen Baiは起伏のある山々を背景に渓谷に緑の水田が広がる山岳州で、村の犬や周囲の野生動物の両者に狂犬病が蔓延するには最適の場所である。この広報の言い回しから、中央の責任者は地区内でのより積極的な狂犬病ワクチン接種プログラムを望んでいるようであるが、財政支援を申請していない。